Ben Doerr

St. Paul de Vence

Artist Bio
Tools:  Element  |  Para DI

From incidental and unplanned beginnings, St. Paul de Vence has emerged out of one genuine step after another into the band they are today. Indeed, they bring forth a sound that grows so directly out of who they are – a band of brothers, each artists in their own right - weaving together their multi-instrumental and vocal-harmony talents with a natural ease and joy reminiscent of Crosby, Stills, and Nash. When band member Benjamin Doerr began to write songs about his grandfather’s early life fighting with the Free French Forces in WWII, it was uncertain as well as unplanned how quickly they would be received. From first listen, friends were raving about how the demos of these nostalgic songs were some of Doerr’s finest and truest work so far. Soon after, long-time collaborators Justin Froese, Alex Malloy and Mike Sievers joined the journey to expand the work into something grander. Upon a story of youth, war, love and life that sits so close to Doerr – and, indeed, most of humanity – was built an artistic structure that continues to drive this group to new creative places.

"LR Baggs pickups and preamps have given me a consistency, reliability and quality of sound that allows me to not worry about my gear and just focus on creating in the live setting."

Formed in June of 2011, a wave of good omens and overwhelming responses continues to follow the band’s steady and sincere work.  Only four months after their formation they gathered in a studio to record their debut self-titled album, with a live approach and minimal overdubs.  The album proved a success with seven straight weeks in the Top 10 of KEXP’s Americana and Pacific Northwest Charts following its release.  One good thing lead to another, and their song “Pink Wine” was featured as KEXP Song of the Day.  Don Yates of KEXP says of St. Paul de Vence, “The band’s dynamic, acoustic-oriented sound includes guitars, accordion, ukulele, autoharp, banjo, mandolin, assorted percussion and more, fleshing out well-crafted songs with warm, soulful harmonies and occasional anthemic choruses.”

The band continues to evolve its sound by adapting to various performance configurations.  From the streets to restaurants, living room concerts to club venues, no matter how you experience St. Paul de Vence one thing is for certain – these guys love the music they’re making.