Brady Cohan

American Idol

Artist Bio
Tools:  M80 

There isn’t a bigger band behind a bigger curtain than the one that plays for tens of millions of people every week on American Idol—and Brady Cohan is that band’s guitarist. With a repertoire of face-melting solos, R&B rhythms and nitpick-worthy finger picking—skills that won him national guitar competitions as a teenager—Cohan is a natural talent in the spotlight. He’s also a rising star behind the scenes. Whether as a touring musician (spanning the globe with Keyshia Cole, Queen Latifah, Stanley Clarke, Stewart Copeland of The Police, Natalie Cole, and more) or writing film and television scores, Cohan’s talents have had direct impacts on mass audiences while rarely stepping into the spotlight himself. Even the two bands he fronts—the Americana explosion of Like Me, Like You and the indie-hard rock trio Knee High—focus their respective efforts on placements for film, television and commercials.

Originally from Northern California, Cohan studied music at the University of Southern California before working with the EMMY Award-winning composer Trevor Morris at Hans Zimmer’s renowned Remote Control Productions. There, he whet his whistle with amazing projects, from the hit Showtime series The Tudors to The Incredible Hulk, the 2008 blockbuster starring Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. Since leaving Remote Control, the 27-year-old studio savant has written, arranged and played guitar for projects as diverse as The Loop, a dark comedy about British politics, to the cult classic for kids, Aliens in the Attic. Other scoring and production work for film and television include Noam Bleiweiss’ Guilt and Mac & Cheese: A Romantic Story, as well as Camp Rock 2, Cannes Film Festival entrant K Citizen, MTV’s animated series Good Vibes, and an original series for acclaimed comedy website

Currently in his second season with American Idol, performing with decades of Top 40 pop artists, Cohan isn’t content with a career of collaborations that would be impressive even for someone twice his age. He’s currently working on an upcoming project with Wayne Brady and writing songs and score with his two diverse bands. Whether in the spotlight or behind the curtain, Brady Cohan is a man with many talents, following in the heralded footsteps of multifaceted legends like Lyle Workman, Randy Newman, Trent Reznor and Danny Elfman.