Kiana June Weber

Gaelic Storm

Artist Bio

Tools:  Venue DI  |  Violin Pickup  

Kiana is an up and coming violinist in the alternative styles scene. Although classically-trained, Kiana grew up fiddling and playing guitar. At only 19, Kiana was scouted by the world famous fiddle troupe Barrage, and spent three years touring with the cast. In the fall of 2012, she hit the stage as the newest member of Gaelic Storm.

"I've been using the Baggs violin pick up for years now, I can say without a doubt that there is a reason they have become the industry standard. It keeps my violin sounding like a violin, but with all of the the clarity and power I want to find through amplification. I can also say that I have thoroughly road test this pick up. Barrage was highly choreographed, and in a show where bows, strings, wireless packs, and even fiddles broke regularly we never had a problem with our Baggs pickups - they are completely reliable. But more importantly Baggs violin pickups sound amazing.”

Kiana maintains an active interest in alternative styles. A celtic fiddler at heart, Kiana Weber has developed her own blend of acoustic music using a diverse fusion celtic, rock, bluegrass, and jazz influences as well as years of classical training. To every stage, she brings a unique combination of youthful passion, energy, elegance, and maturity.

"I use my Venue DI every night and it is the single most useful tool I have on stage. In a high passed show being able to mute and tune on the fly is extremely helpful. I can't imagine the show without it.”