Maxwell Hughes

Artist Bio
Tools:  iMix 

Maxwell Hughes is the genuine article, a true to form prodigy and virtuoso. Just ask TEDtalks, who invited the self-taught former Lumineers guitarist (strings player) and songwriter to demonstrate his unique two handed guitar style at their TEDxCSU event in March, 2013.

"As an instrumentalist, I am constantly looking for the widest spectrum of sound that I can get from a pickup. The truth in the sound deliverance from the iMix system is unmatched and it is easy to customize your tone to get whatever sound you are looking for. Nice work guys!”

Maxwell Hughes didn't pick up a guitar until 2002. Ever since, he has explored a variety of stringed instruments independently, teaching himself, and innovating unique techniques. In the past 2 years, he has seen the world as a touring musician, garnered a Grammy nomination for songwriting and performance on the Lumineers 2012 debut album, won 3rd place in the International Fingerstyle performance championships, and continues to gain the admiration of fans and musicians alike as an innovative instrumentalist.

His effortless transition from classic finger picking to two-handed-tap technique are an exhilarating experience for a live audience. His percussive approach allows for a sense of movement rarely seen in a solo performer. Donʼt miss Maxwell Hughes on tour in 2013 or on his forthcoming solo recording, due for release in August.