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  1. Stuck Battery Compartment - Stagepro Anthem
  2. Help, need a ribbon transducer only!
  3. StagePro Element Endpin Jack
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  10. M80 and Nickel String
  11. Element & iBeam: Which unit in which guitar?
  12. Lyric and strong efx
  13. Martin 00-15M - would the lyrics sound good with this?
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  15. Lyric with existing onboard preamp
  16. Baggs DI Venue Tuner?
  17. help! my Lyric sounds pretty bad
  18. Venue with lyric pickup, low gain problem
  19. Venue: using both 1/4" and XLR outputs
  20. Para DI into amp return?
  21. Looking for discontinued LBC nylon guitar version of LB6
  22. acousticaster 12 string lr baggs model
  23. Help on PRS hollowbody LR Baggs piezo issues!
  24. Lyric microphone double-sided tape EXACT thickness?
  25. Thank you for the Lyric Classical
  26. Best option for Taylor Big Baby BBT
  27. L.R Baggs M1 (Passive): Adjusting the pole pieces, matching with Anthem or iBeam.
  28. 9 volts DC via a TRS cable with the Anthem
  29. Lyric Classical Battery
  30. Lyric Seems to Fight with Para DI
  31. EAS balance problems
  32. Presence control has no effect
  33. T-Bridge / Low Volume E String
  34. Optimum gain/volume settings for active pickup and Para DI
  35. M80 volume slider does nothing
  36. Para di box problem
  37. Venue DI "overdriving"??
  38. Wierd Para DI power issue
  39. lyric and loud old D28
  40. Lyric vs. Anthem
  41. Lyric & Venue with Collings DS2HA 12 fret dreadnaught ... IT'S GOOD!!
  42. Recent Lyric problem.
  43. Does the PADI required 48v phantom power?
  44. What system for a Martin D 28 1941 Authentic?
  45. M1 passive and Venue issue
  46. LR baggs on godin acousticaster
  47. More detailed information on Venue DI settings?
  48. Lyric Feedback question
  49. Element with rechargeable battery
  50. Lyric with M1 passive
  51. Replacement 5M pot
  52. Boost options for a Para DI
  53. Issues with Lyric and PARA DI
  54. Lyric with Second Source Questions for Taylor Grand Symphony
  55. Anthem or SL? Martin D12-28. Woship Band.
  56. M80 and Venue DI
  57. It's too bad the spammers have taken over this board
  58. Can the volume control be removed from Element?
  59. Which LRBaggs is best for an Acoustic Bass
  60. Actively Seeking Volume
  61. Strapjack question
  62. Anthem volume loss
  63. LR Baggs on Crafter DE-7/N acoustic guitar
  64. Venue DI problem - hum and popping mute button from grounding issue?
  65. Help me choos: Anthem or Lyric
  66. X-Bridge - Volume or no Volume?
  67. Venue DI Effect Loop Buzz
  68. Taming the piezo quack
  69. Para DI and Existing Pedal Board
  70. For a classical guitar - stage pro x anthem sl classical
  71. Replacement board
  72. Anthem Mix Control - Tru Mic Lacks High Frequencies
  73. Lyric mixed with a pre-installed pickup
  74. Preamp stopped working!!
  75. lr baggs battery led
  76. Help using LR Baggs Venue DI with other effects - set up?
  77. Battery Draining and Crackling in Anthem True Mic
  78. Lyric Classical Demo - Villa Lobos , Bach and more
  79. Lyric in a Red Line Advanced Parlor (Installation Notes)
  80. Hello and question about bass guitars
  81. Element undersaddle pickup humming
  82. Getting Hex in acoustic
  83. Lyric or Anthen Installation on Martin DCPA5 or DRS2
  84. Venue bad boost switch
  85. I-Beam Boominess
  86. Original Dual Source ... want to change out the mic
  87. EQ for the Anthem SL
  88. Lyric, Venue, XLR and impedance
  89. iMix Notch battery light stays on
  90. Venue DI Tuner Issues
  91. Add Sunrise to Element ?
  92. Lyric with M1 Passive or M80
  93. Lyric for a brazilian ten strings guitar (Viola)
  94. Element on a fishman ellipse matrix Blenber
  95. Anthem Stage Pro
  96. Lyric Acoustic Microphone
  97. L R Baggs Anthem battery drainage
  98. Venue DI won't clip with gain all the way up
  99. Lyric Acoustic Microphone
  100. LB6 any viable mic addition?
  101. Godin Acousticaster Preamp
  102. Suggested for ParaDI??
  103. Color matched strap buttons
  104. truest sounding pickup for 1955 Gibson SJ?
  105. Lyric Installation Snafu!
  106. Horrible sound, help me diagnose
  107. horrible ground, short noise at xlr output housing
  108. High Pitched Buzzing with M1 Active
  109. Martin D35
  110. Lyric on acoustic bass guitar
  111. LR Baggs element battery compartment
  112. LR Baggs Venue Not Working?
  113. X-Bridge with rotary switch
  114. bad hum with my para di
  115. Element under saddle pickup, possible to install from treble side?
  116. Battery runs down on my Anthem tru-mic. Seems always engaged on
  117. Please help me~! about my LR baggs stage pro!
  118. M1A Jack Concern
  119. Venue DI xlr output
  120. X-Bridge wired to Ghost Acousti-Phonic?
  121. Help with pedalboard and FX Loop
  122. Lyric classical not sounding so good.
  123. Control-X Wiring Help
  124. Newly Installed Lyric Mic system does not work
  125. Thanks, Caleb
  126. Lyric: gradually gets noisier, squeals
  127. Anthem SL pickup - Distortion in signal when strummed hard
  128. Combine Lyric with Active Element?
  129. Too much bottom out of a new Anthem Tru-Mic?
  130. Lyric and J-45
  131. lyric with imix
  132. Anthem and Tru Mic issue with bottom E
  133. Venue DI boost circuit
  134. Control-X with active pickups
  135. J45 w/ LR Baggs Element too much low end
  136. T-bridge with 2 humbuckers, LP model
  137. Lyric endpin is to short to go through end block
  138. LR Baggs Session DI
  139. Want to Mod PARA DI So I Can Plug Guitar into Effects Loop Return
  140. Boost Button on the new Session DI box?
  141. Help With M-80 End Cap
  142. L.R.Baggs Stagepro Anthem: replace UST for M1?
  143. Learning the Art of EQ on the Venue DI
  144. String Balance on Anthem: Low E has low output in comparison to other strings
  145. PRS Guitars P24 Tremolo - is hexaphonic pickup possible?
  146. M1A + DualSource
  147. radio signal through lyric
  148. Pickup for Tacoma BM6C Thunderhawk Baritone
  149. Lyric High-Mid and Bass Question
  150. Anthem SL Distortion
  151. Problem with combining Lr baggs M1 and Takamine ct4 dx preamp
  152. LB6 + Endpin Pre - Distorting
  153. Where can i get the X piezo inserts to retro fit a ibanez edge pro bridge
  154. Lyric in Goodall RS
  155. Suggestions for combining another pickup with an M1 Active?
  156. Anthem installation in Taylor 416
  157. Martin OM-28e Retro with LR bags Venue
  158. LR Baggs Venue series ?
  159. Element Hybrid in Traveler Escape
  160. Lyric/anthem
  161. Lyric positioning tests - audio clips
  162. Charango pickup
  163. Need Help Selecting L.R. Baggs Pickup for My Breedlove Acoustic
  164. Venue line diagram?
  165. Control-X without piezo bridge
  166. Lyric string scratching sound prblem
  167. Volume issues on Anthem SL
  168. grounding / battery problem with M1
  169. need help with m1a sound please!
  170. iMix output pinout
  171. help request from mainland china lyric user
  172. how to ger lyric tape.
  173. alternate lyric positions
  174. ibeam vol pedal compatibility
  175. sudden volume increase
  176. Which System for Jumbo Taylor 12-string
  177. imix battery light
  178. Lyric question
  179. Help with Para Di, radius and rare earth banjo pickup
  180. T-bridge blended passive with filtertrons
  181. Lyric Microphone Dimensions/Size Question for Breedlove w/ JLD Bridge Truss
  182. Para acoustic D.I signal chain help for acoustic musician with pedal board
  183. Converting Lyric into Dual Source
  184. something is wrong with my m1a?
  185. Adjusting Lyric in Larrivee L-03
  186. Ribbon Transducer with Anthem
  187. Lyric output gain
  188. iMix remote controler flat connector broken/cracked
  189. Using the Venue with effect pedals
  190. M80 Changing Battery on stage during performance
  191. Troubles with Element
  192. Some Experiences To Share With Installing The Lyric
  193. Availability of Session Acoustic DI...?
  194. Disappointed. Anthem SL sounds awful. What did I do wrong?
  195. Tips to get the best out of my M1 and Para DI
  196. Venue Boost indicator lamp
  197. Low E about 10db louder then the other five strings.... (Anthem)
  198. Venue DI Battery Issue
  199. Five.O Ukulele Pickup problems
  200. What is the best pickup for full band scenario?
  201. Session + Venue
  202. X-Bridge Distorted
  203. Martin 000-15m with lyric oufffff :(
  204. Session DI on my new pedal board...
  205. Session DI output levels?
  206. Bad Battery Power Section on Para DI?
  207. volume buzzing problem
  208. Lyric boominess/feedback - swap for Anthem?
  209. Lyric + K&K Pure Mini
  210. Bluegrass
  211. Lyric + iBeam is awesome!
  212. Question about output of Element in 000-15
  213. Radius Electric sounding
  214. Ibanez J Custom Ctrl X piezo blend problem
  215. Wiring a M80 with a LB6 for use as Dual Source
  216. Session DI died within a week !
  217. M80 Strapjack
  218. M1A not working -- need help
  219. Question about combining Element with M1 passive to stereo output jack
  220. Triple Source ideas?
  221. Venue DI xlr out not working
  222. Anthem mic too loud in Goodall Jumbo
  223. Lost screw on LR Baggs M80
  224. Loss of Volume from Element VTC
  225. Distortion in my Session
  226. Lyric installation question
  227. Rechargeable Lithium-ion 9v okay for LR Baggs/PRS Piezo Pickup System?
  228. Anthem in Blueridge BR40T Tenor guitar?
  229. Better preamp choice for M1 passive-Para DI or Session DI
  230. Duet preamp instructions
  231. Venu DI Preamp for Bluegrass Problem
  232. M1a missing pole piece
  233. Lots of feedback with my newly installed M1 Active
  234. M80/Anthem SL combo (a la Charlie Worsham)
  235. Lyric end pin jack
  236. The Anthem is Rockin it!
  237. Where to put my looper pedal?
  238. Taylor ES system retro fit
  239. Venue tuner calibration
  240. audio jack problems
  241. look in for a good mic for m'y guitar
  242. Full anthem system is amazing!!
  243. New Lyric - first impressions
  244. Home Recording Setup Question Canon T3i to LR Baggs to Shure SM58
  245. Anthem mic and volume output observations
  246. better pick-up please!!
  247. end pin thread....
  248. Adhesive Problems With Lyric
  249. Problem with Line6 Variax - please help.
  250. Using Venue with a K&K equipped guitar