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  1. What do you think of the new fan site?
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  3. Imix pairing of Ibeam and M1 possible?
  4. Anthem pick-up
  5. L.R Baggs M1 active
  6. Battery Compartment for LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI
  7. franken guitar, Ctrl-x & Fernandes Sustainer
  8. LR Baggs m1 + PARA DI or VENUE DI
  9. Compatibility of I-mix with Miratone?
  10. Imix order sans Ibeam and endpin/preamp?
  11. Imix Ibeam pre Eq curve question
  12. Advice needed on how to get the best sound out of an MI Active
  13. Hex + passive iBeam on TRS jack
  14. Hex and K&K Pure
  15. Getting in touch with us at LR Baggs
  16. Para D.I. with passive iBeam and other piezos
  17. X-Bridge Measurements
  18. iBeam active system pairing question
  19. Active iBeam or Passive iBeam?
  20. M1A and 12 string
  21. Shipwrights looking for advice on Venue DI
  22. Perfect Compressor for Acoustic for me :)
  23. Buzz Sound on my LR Baggs Anthem SL pickup
  24. Optimizing the Anthem SL sound
  25. T-Bridge & Control X Installation For Les Paul
  26. Help - issues with anthem system connected to a-ref amplifier
  27. Anthem causing static and crackling in my amp speaker(s)?
  28. Where to secure wire?
  29. M1a help please....
  30. iBeam/M1 iMix help
  31. Anthem installation question?
  32. M1 or M1A when combining with second source
  33. iBeam installation in an unusual Levin guitar
  34. Need some advise!!
  35. Problems with Sitar High Pitch Strings (chikaris) and Para DI
  36. Anthem phase button broken
  37. Strapback Installation
  38. Anthem volume issues
  39. Matching Output impedance of Element preamp
  40. imix components coming unglued
  41. Ibeam issue
  42. Small soundhole for M1a
  43. Anthem SL
  44. Best pickup for nylon string classical
  45. M1A, problem with feedback
  46. Where can I buy a L.R. Baggs M1 pickup here in the Philippines??
  47. Para DI/ Pedal board question!
  48. Combing M1 w/ under-saddle transducer
  49. Swapping soundhole volume control for regular volume pot
  50. Figgie
  51. New LR Baggs Venue DI
  52. Ibeam active/passive question
  53. Element Active System and Martin acoustic guitar
  54. Re: The Stage Pro element pre-amp
  55. Element ... lost half my string signal
  56. Passive Ibeam/para acoustic DI combol, weak signal
  57. Venue DI tuner?
  58. Para DI w/ hollow body electric
  59. Stagepro Anthem - plans for smaller size than current one?
  60. is iBeam the answer?
  61. Venue Distorts using XLR
  62. Element Active Distortion
  63. iBeam adhesive
  64. combining the LB6 with the ibeam
  65. Optimizing M1 + Para DI
  66. Classical Guitar
  67. Element upgrade to Anthem?
  68. m1a Volume control
  69. amp for the Anthem
  70. Mystery Baggs preamp
  71. "Too Much" Metal Sound - Only One Note in Mic Mode
  72. Help choosing pup
  73. Suggested Gain level On Para DI using new Anthem pup
  74. LR Baggs Para Acoustic D.I. and LR Baggs element active pickup
  75. Anthem like system for violin?
  76. Suggestions for a Martin OM-28V with a vintage-style saddle?
  77. Anthem seems vewwy quiet
  78. newby question
  79. Para Acoustic DI and Taylor Expression System
  80. Got my new imix
  81. Venue DI suggestion
  82. Ibeam volume tone question
  83. Help With Taylor Expression System
  84. M1a strapjack too short for vintage Gibson tail block
  85. Problenm with pickup-system...
  86. M1A cable and jack
  87. Gibson J45 amplication problems
  88. M1A - not sounding good above 5
  89. D35 endpin solution without drilling!
  90. M1 output low?
  91. Ibeam vs Anthem SL
  92. Anthem into other onboard preamp w/Eq?
  93. Very short battery life in a Dual Source
  94. New forum member requests you insights ... LB6
  95. adding Anthem mic to my LB6
  96. Lb 6 string balance problem
  97. which mic with LB6?
  98. Venue with Active Pickup Question
  99. Five.0
  100. 1970 Martin D-28 fitted with passive iBeam driving me crazy - Help!
  101. system pairing question
  102. Installation Instructions for StagePro Anthem
  103. Pickup options for Weissenborn
  104. I-beam for nylon string doesn't work on other amps
  105. A lefty
  106. How to install M1 pickup
  107. M1 Active question
  108. Diffrent tunning
  109. My New M1 Active sounds weird.
  110. Line Out - kills sound
  111. Hum in anthem
  112. IMix problem - no sound from ibeam
  113. Volume settings on Anthem
  114. Para Acoustic DI vs. my stubborn piezo
  115. Strap connection for Anthem Pick up
  116. LR Baggs Videos
  117. Battery Tester
  118. Anthem for Martin 00015M
  119. Anthem output volume increase plans?
  120. Anthem pickup for a low tuning 12-string guitar ? Crossover etc
  121. iBeam and Takamine Palethetic
  122. Para Di with MA1?
  123. Why does I Beam sound tinny? Help.
  124. iBeam --- better yet iBeam with imix and M1
  125. Anthem Sl vs Dual Source for nylon.HELP
  126. M1 to M1a upgrade?
  127. Para DI...Effect Loop Issue
  128. Choose a pickup for me
  129. Lr Baggs' M1 Active, a professionnal pickup ?
  130. Does / Did L.R. Baggs make a pick-up for Viola?
  131. Original Duet info required
  132. Venue DI for violin - questions
  133. Anthem SL Classical available??
  134. Mid Cut
  135. Control X power question
  136. Question about the Venue EFX loop
  137. Venue di xlr, pre or post eq?
  138. Bose L1 compact experience
  139. M1 end pin jack
  140. fitting M1 on 3 22/32 hole
  141. M1 Passive Para DI Gain
  142. Question about combining the I-Beam Active with an Element Replacement Pickup
  143. What is the benefit of the FX Loop on a Para Acoustic D.I.?
  144. For Hard Strumming - M1 or I-beam ?
  145. M-80 Pickup Question
  146. Strings for T-Bridge
  147. Gigpro Question
  148. phantom power
  149. LB6 and end pin pre-amp
  150. Anthem Phase button and Noise
  151. Washburn Festival acoustic guitars and their big oval soundholes / M1 question
  152. Passive vs Active
  153. Advice on dialing in an Anthem
  154. Testing mic'd guitar vs. Anthem
  155. M1a Cable Placement?
  156. Anthem vs. Anthem SL String Noise
  157. iBeam concerns
  158. New M1A
  159. Tru-mic placement question
  160. Best pickup and preamp set for big venues
  161. Ctrl-X Push-Pull instead of push button for stereo/mono
  162. X-Bridge and flatwounds?
  163. Removing Anthem from Bourgeois 00
  164. Venue DI -- Why no compressor??
  165. will the anthem fit a bourgeois om guitar
  166. m1-ative
  167. EAS-C plus DI (active+active??)
  168. Do the hex pickups work with the control X
  169. M1A/K&K Western/Lowden/help!
  170. Micro EQ + HEX
  171. Noel Gallagher L.R Baggs system
  172. ground loop hum
  173. Classical guitar
  174. Buzz hum
  175. Anthem SL classical or Anthem?
  176. What's inside my guitar???
  177. M80 Questions
  178. Venue DI Effects loop question
  179. Anthem-My search is over.
  180. Connecting M1 Active to Takamine Cool Tube preamp
  181. LR Baggs Maximum Achievement.
  182. M1a pole adjustment
  183. Anthem vs M1
  184. Vol pedal for VENUE DI
  185. M1 Active sound hole pickup
  186. replacement faceplate for a Takamine triax?
  187. Imix, anthem or m80 for my guitar and style of playing?
  188. HELP! LR BAGGS I Beam active pick up
  189. IBeam with Dual Source
  190. M1A Lowering Pole Pieces
  191. Venue DI troubleshooting
  192. Installing Anthem SL Classical - best location for soundboard mic
  193. M1a problem
  194. M80 Impedance?
  195. Fylde Octavious bouzouki pickup
  196. Anthem Impedance?
  197. Problems with tuner on my new venue
  198. pickup crackling
  199. Imix Notch System Larrivee
  200. M80 or Anthem?
  201. Coupling a L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI with L.R. Baggs iMix Notch pickup
  202. M1 Active soundhold pickup and fret buzz
  203. Anthem SL Classical for 7 string nylon guitar?
  204. Can I install X-Bridge without installing the Control-X?
  205. Can I use my own magnetic/ mic combo for the imix?
  206. Ibanez AW3000CEWC with LR Baggs endpin pickup (EAS-VTC)
  207. First gig with LB-6 + Para DI
  208. Sound examples of Anthem for Classical guitar
  209. Troubleshooting Element for Nylon
  210. Rough estimation how much to install LR Baggs Anthem?
  211. M1A Issues/Overtones/Ringing
  212. PUTW Quack Buster on Anthem SL classical?
  213. M1 Problem
  214. M1A Issue / Settings
  215. Stereo cable options
  216. M1 passive and another transducer on same output jack.
  217. M1 active question befor I buy
  218. Problem with M1A sound cutting out
  219. M1 1/4" strap jack output wiring.
  220. Painting M80 Cover
  221. Anthem & Venue DI
  222. Suggested for ParaDI?
  223. Using the M1 with iMix
  224. LR Baggs equipped Ibanez S2020X help needed
  225. m80 in solid body guitar
  226. Strapjack installation
  227. Adding second source to Element
  228. LR Baggs Acoustic Para DI
  229. New Godin Montreal Thoughts/Comments on Piezoelectric guitar pickup amplifier setup
  230. M80 - Too Much Body?
  231. M1 Passive + Stage Pro preamp?
  232. 1975 Martin D35
  233. Best string for m1A?
  234. Yamaha Apx 900 and LR Baggs M1
  235. Anthem where there once was a Highlander
  236. No power - Acoustic Reference Amp
  237. Anthem mic placement in Breedlove with JLD bridge truss system
  238. Element Active VTC - Alavarez SLM Metal saddle slot
  239. Using Control-X mixing magnetic and "normal" piezo Pickup?
  240. M80 battery problems
  241. dual source remote control
  242. Preamp for L.R. Baggs M1 A, and the M80
  243. Installing M1 Passive with i beam
  244. Stagepro Element
  245. Anthem SL hum and no/low undersaddle pickup response
  246. How to configure the M1A for non-strapjack use
  247. Stage Pro Element Help
  248. Anthem mic/peizo trim pot adjustment
  249. Grounding issues
  250. Newb question. Sorry