View Full Version : Les Paul with T-Bridge? Will T-Bridge work with Callaham or TonePros?

12-30-2012, 12:50 AM

I have two Les Paul guitars in which I want to install piezo bridge systems. Both guitars are relatively new (last 2-3 years). I have after-market bridges on both--one from TonePros and one from Callaham. Sustain and intonation is much improved on both. My question is this... both the Callaham and TonePros use billet steel (they are milled from solid stock), can I use these existing bridges and simply drop in the Baggs piezo saddles into them? If not, I can put the Callaham and TonePros into other guitars. How are the T-Bridge components milled?

Thank you for your help.


01-04-2013, 11:47 AM
Our T-Bridges are ordered from Grover. So I'm not entirely sure what the exact milling process is. The part number for it is 430-10086, if you're interested.

As far as the compatibility of your bridges with our saddles, it all depends on the exact dimensions. Are both of your bridges the same dimensions? Do you know what they are?