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03-24-2011, 02:07 AM
Hi, I am new to the forum but a longtime user of LRBaggs products (M1, iMix, Dualsource, Para Di and now Anthem SL)... great that you put this board online!!!

I would like to get some advice in optimizing the Anthem SL sound. I love the airy dynamic sound very much, but need to cut the high treble frequenzies on my amplifiers. If I do not do this or push the microphone up to more than 30% the sound gets very harsh. Would it make sense to place the microphone to another place within the guitar? Now it is directly under the saddle as explained in the installation manual. What position would result in what kind of sound?
Any thoughts?

Bryan McManus
03-25-2011, 09:28 AM
Hi Roland,

I should clarify that the mic level trim pot on the Anthem-SL controller is not meant as a mix control. The Anthem systems are a custom-tuned crossover circuit where neither the Tru-Mic nor Element under-saddle pickup covers the entire frequency range of the instrument. When you adjust the trim pot, you're only affecting what the Tru-Mic is handling - 250Hz and up.

That trim pot should be set specifically relative to the undersaddle pickup level so that, as you play from one side of the crossover to the other(from low to high or vice-versa), you have even output from the pickup and Tru-Mic.


A couple of preliminary ways to tell whether you have too little or too much mic relative to the pickup are:

The mic is likely set too low if the amplified sound lack clarity or definition above the lower mid-range frequencies(400Hz and up). If the signal is muddy, dull and lacking treble, turn the mic trim control clockwise.

The mic level is probably set too high if the higher frequency response is bright, edge and too crisp. Also, excessive body-handling noise and a treble background hiss are signs of the mic level set too high.

Once you've adjusted to a setting between those extremes, fine tune the level for optimal output balance.


We recommend adjusting the mic level trim pot with a flat-head jeweler's screwdriver. Turn slowly or in small increments.

Also, the Anthem and Anthem-SL signals are further optimized by playing through a high-quality acoustic amplifier or full-range PA system.

03-26-2011, 07:53 AM
Thanks Brian, that helps and I understand the approach of the system better. Now I have my perfect sound, phantastic over my AER PA as well as over the Roland SA300 and Genz Benz.