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    Awesome, sounds like it is working as expected...

    Awesome, sounds like it is working as expected then :).

    My guitar is a Larivee LV-03RE that came with the original StagePro element that didn't have the tuner built in. I upgraded it to an Anthem...
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    M80 volume slider does nothing

    I have just purchased an M80 and installed it with a stereo jack along side my Anthem StagePro for a stereo setup. I quickly realized that the volume slider does absolutely nothing. I have only...
  3. Thanks again!

    I just finished this upgrade. It was actually kinda crazy how easy it was. The hardest part was getting the Anthem mic in the right spot, took me about 10 tries, but I got it REALLY close to the...
  4. Thanks!

    Awesome! That is exactly what I was hoping, but every time I assume these things and just spend money, I always end up wrong in my assumptions...

    Looks like my guitar is getting a mic and will...
  5. Element StagePro to Anthem StagePro upgrade question

    I have a Larrivee with a factory Element StagePro. I would LOVE to add a microphone dual system like the Anthem StagePro, but I'm wondering if the preamp is the same size? Can I replace the Element...
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