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    Thanks Caleb, I sent you an email.
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    Venue Boost indicator lamp

    I play a lot on outdoor stages and in bright light the Boost indicator lamp on the Venue is impossible to see. You'd think it would be easy enough to remember, or hear, whether you're set on boost...
  3. Lyric & Venue with Collings DS2HA 12 fret dreadnaught ... IT'S GOOD!!

    I don't do reviews often but felt this one was deserving. I've needed a pickup for years but could never find anything that I felt would give me decent natural sound without feedback issues. I...
  4. Lyric directly to house snake, no DI ???

    Hi y'all,
    I have a noob question please, I recently installed the Lyric in my guitar and normally will be running through the Venue DI, and xlr out to house, but I anticipate a possible unavoidable...
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