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  1. I was under the impression that an onboard preamp...

    I was under the impression that an onboard preamp doesn't boost the signal all the way to line level - more like to the level of a magnetic pickup.
  2. Para D.I. with passive iBeam and other piezos

    Does the Para D.I. really have enough gain/headroom to amplify a passive piezo like the iBeam all the way to line level? Doing so without clipping when you strum as hard as you can? I'm thinking...
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    Hex and K&K Pure

    Does anyone know if a relative phase switch is needed for these pickups to work together?
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    Hex + passive iBeam on TRS jack

    Hello everyone,

    If I were to use this combination of pickups, would I need to use the 10 db or the 20 db attenuator on the Hex to make the output levels roughly equal?
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