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    Ibeam issue

    Hello all. New to the forum. My name is Tony. I was looking for some info and found this forum.
    I am hoping I can get some help.
    I use a Charis acoustic. It is a beautiful sounding, fine instrument. It is a cedar top and rosewood sides & back. I also use an AER Alpha amp.
    When it was built Bill installed an IBeam active ( he only uses Baggs)
    The pickup sounds great but I have such a feedback problem I am forced to use a sound hole cover when playing live, which of course covers the volume wheel. Of course it happens through my amp or monitors. The mains never bounce back.
    I've done a lot of testing and found I can talk into the sound hole and it picks it up.
    Is this a common problem and is there a solution as I'd hate to go with a different pickup. Is this a common problem? Would eliminating the preamp help?

    Here is my guitar recorded direct into my recording setup.

    You can hear how good it sounds with this pickup.

    Thanks for any help I get.
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