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Thread: Lyric Classical is here

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    Just to clarify, the mic capsule is 3mm from the top. The mic housing adheres directly to the top.

    The housing dimensions are what I provided above.

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    Thank you Caleb,
    That was my understanding, I just needed to confirm that the ends of the bracing bars do not muffle the sound picked up by the mic.

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    Thanks Caleb,
    I have concerns about accurately placing the various parts and the cable clips through the soundhole of an already built guitar, so I am building a cardboard replica for a dummy run . . . if I have to make special tools I will post details to help other users.
    Is it possible to let me know the lengths of the three cables - Preamp to mic, preamp to volume control and preamp to battery clip?
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    Hi David,

    I'm impressed with the care you're taking with this install. It's good to have a plan of action.

    Here are the measurements you requested, from the opening in the shielding tube to the part at the end of the wire:

    Microphone wire is 9.75"

    Volume control wire is 16.5"

    Battery wire is 21.5"

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    Hi Bryan,
    Thank you for you prompt reply.
    I am an amateur luthier, with several electrics, two archtops, two classical guitars and three ukes built. I have installed under-saddle transducers in two guitars.
    Because of the smallness of the soundhole in the classical and the fact that the guitar is finished I will get only one chance with each part that has to be stuck inside the body!
    I will hopefully benefit from being able to see through the soundport that I have cut into the upper bout on the bass side.
    As I said before, if I think any of the methods I use will be of help to others like myself I will post pictures.
    Thanks again,

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