Iím a Lyric user in Thailand. Iíve installed it in my 2013 Martin OMJM after the factory installed UST pick up was removed due to its hum problem couldnít be permanently solved. Lyricís sound is very natural. It seems like a loud unplugged sound of the guitar that someone may not like it at first because they are used to the sound of the other conventional electro-acoustic pickups. Anyhow, to my ears, it requires some EQ like the other pickups with onboard preamps to optimize the amplified sound. Luckily, the parametric EQ effect in my Zoom A3 pedal can handle it (max. four points of center freq. can be selected and adjusted including their Q factors).
However, base on my system, could you please recommend the typical setting of the Lyricís Mic presence control ? According to my observation the min. position is around 8 oíclock, mid. at 12 and max. around 4 oíclock. Currently, I've set it around 2 o'clock.

Thanks a lot for your kind feedback.