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Thread: M1A or M1 Active Pickup Question

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    M1A or M1 Active Pickup Question

    After reading many great reviews online, I bought a M1A from the local guitar shop and had it installed professionally.
    He installed the pickup right on the center, but I moved the pickup closer to the neck because everyone seemed to prefers that way.

    Okay. Jumping to the question.

    When I played it at my church that night, I did not get the sound I was looking for. Too much treble. Too much presence. Guitar sounded very very very treble-y. Guitar strings and body sensitivity was so sensitive, to the point where I was afraid to either strum or finger pick.

    I don't remember how the pole was adjusted at first place, but when I lowered the pole, the quack and honk did tame a little but it was not natural sounding. The pole is flat to the pick up. I gained warmth but some kind of weird howling noise, almost like an electric guitar-like sound. Is there a tip for the pole adjustment? Maybe pickup positioning? To maximize the warmth and bring natural sound?

    Please help!
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