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Thread: Imix order sans Ibeam and endpin/preamp?

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    Imix order sans Ibeam and endpin/preamp?

    Hi Michael,

    I want to get the Imix but already have an Ibeam Active. I was told in an old email, I could do a custom order and order the Imix without the Ibeam. This would be a great savings on my part. My question is, does the Imix use the same preamp/end pin as my Ibeam and so can custom order that one out as well? So basically, all I would need is the Imix, Remote II and the Element if I have that right?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Michael,

    I guess I am answering my own question. I read an old email (great search function on yahoo) that reads:

    "The iMIX is a preamp so your iBeam would have to be de-soldered from its endpin preamp and have a mini-plug soldered to its wire so it can plug into its channel in the iMIX preamp. You would have the iBeam endpin preamp left as an unused item."

    Question answered

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