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    I need the wiring diagram for a strap jack with just a ground, red, & white wire. The I have on my guitar was twisted off when I was trying to tighten it. Can anyone tell me where to get it.

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    Hi Figgie,

    I'm sorry to say we don't have a wiring diagram for the Strapjack Plus. If you have a Strapjack Plus acquired from LR Baggs, here is the pin assignment description.

    The Strapjack Plus has four conductors - TIP, RING, SWITCH and GROUND. The TIP and RING are both a matte finish, TIP stamped with a "1" and RING stamped with a "2." The TIP contact is the shortest of all and is parallel with the large ground tab. The SWITCH is also a short tab but is not matte finished or stamped with any number. The GROUND tab is large and unmistakeable.

    Assuming the RED is signal, WHITE is switch and BARE is GROUND, you should wire it as follows:

    RED to TIP

    Please reply here or to [email protected] if you have further questions.
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