Hi there,

I am considering trying a LR BAGGS pickup, I currently have a fishman mag/mic blend system in a Lowden LSE2 (similar to new stage edition) and although it is versatile I feel the sound could be improved (or rather I am curious to experiment) I still have the EMG under saddle pickup and cabling that was factory installed in the guitar circa 1996 and want to know if I can modify the anthem or lyric system to accomodate the split saddle pickup and wiring already installed. I play solo mainly fingerstyle in dadgad using only a small amount of guitar body percussion, I would like to be able to blend dual sources I think, in order to have versatility in both sound and feedback situations. Does anyone have views on the lyric and/or anthem systems and how they compare to themselves and/or the fishman system?

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.