I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the Venue? Any tips or setting advice......I've had mine for about 2 mos. now..............so far I really like it.
The boost is a great thing for stepping up on prominent licks and solos.
Still trying to figue out the Notch filter......for the most part I am not having feedback issues unless I face a speaker with guitar .
The tuner is a little slow as I've heard from others but is pretty acurate.............it seems not as acurate if on a wooden floor or other music( intermission) is playing and vibrating my guitar while tuning.

My big questions is I still haven't really found that sweet spot yet........I do better with my nylon string Taylor.....seems to be sweet enough but the Taylor 810ce with Fishman
is more difficult to get a great tone.
It sure is nice to have contorl of my sound rightn there at my feet though.

Thanks again,
Fred down in Grenada