I used to have just the iBeam active. Have an iMix now.

1. Would like to know what setting on the preamp of the iMix will lead to the closest solo unit iBeam active sound?

Is it for the low cut, full left? Set at 60 and the mid cut, full right or 0?Am not considering feedback right now, just trying to get the basic solo iBeam Active sound with iBeam iMix.

2. Would also like to know for the Element as well.

Does the iMix come originally set up to sound like their counterparts or are they set up differently? I seem to remember my solo iBeam having more bass and it was explained to me in the past that the iMix was set up so that the Element provides the bass and the iBeam, the air and sparkle.

I am just learning how to manage the preamp finally.