I have a 73 Gibson J-200 that i have installed the passive I-beam. i recently purchased the para acoustic DI to use with it after reading that this is the best pre-amp option for the passive I-beam. The pick up sounds great at low volume, the problem is that I am having to run the gain almost full volume to get a decent signal to the Board. This is causing some extra noise (like a ground buzz) running the gain this high. Is the gain ever supposed to be almost full volume for this set up? it seems a little over half way for the gain should be on the high side. It also seems the double stick tape is not adhering properly. The pick up was knocked loose the other night and turned sideways in the guitar when i bumped it against a stool. Thanks for any help you can give me. I currently have the pre-amp on the stage like a pedal, maybe i need to afix it to the strap and use a much shorter cord from the oick up to the pre-amp.