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Thread: Imix Ibeam pre Eq curve question

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    Imix Ibeam pre Eq curve question

    Hi Michael,

    Since the Imix is a preamp, and it has its own Eq control, my question is, my Ibeam active with its end pin preamp was pre Eq'ued originally. Will the Imix have this basic Eq setting then I have to adjust from there or am I starting from a real flat Ibeam, without the original curve of my Ibeam endpin preamp? If it is starting from flat, is there a setting on the Imix for the Ibeam as well as the element that I can set up so that I can get these curves as my basic starting point for the Imix?

    I liked that curve.


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    Hi Loren,

    Both the iBeam channel of the iMix and the iBeam endpin preamp have very similar EQ curves. The iBeam channel of the iMix is based off the EQ of the original iBeam endpin preamp. The iBeam endpin preamp has a fixed EQ curve, whereas the iMix gives the user some more options (Lowcut, Midcut, and Gain). You should be able to get the iBeam channnel to sound the same (if not better) than the original iBeam endpin preamp.
    Justin Rucker
    L.R. Baggs

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    Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the response to my inquiry, just to make sure I understand it right, so if I set the iBeam iMix to flat, it has that pre-eq (similar to my iBeam preamp pin) on it still? So technically, if I want the iMix to have the same eq as my preamp pin, just leave the iMix flat? I assume this goes the same for the Element as well?


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    Hi Loren,

    Though the EQ of the iBeam/Element endpin preamp and the iMix preamp are similar, you do not want to fully match their EQ's. The pickups do not sound the same when mixed together as they do when used by themselves. The two pickups need to be EQ'd differently in order to sound good in the mix as a whole.

    The factory settings of the iMix come with all the trim pots at 12 o'clock (which is what I assume you mean when you say "leave the iMix flat"). This is a good reference point to start adjusting the EQ. You should not have to change much from the factory settings to get the tone you are looking for.
    Justin Rucker
    L.R. Baggs

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    Thanks Justin!

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