I have a Breedlove Stage C25 SR with a StagePro element pickup and EQ. The endpin jack doesn't work any more (it totally cuts in and out depending on the exact position of the input cable - meaning, it doesn't work unless the input cable is adjusted constantly). I'm 99.9% sure it is the endpin jack after all of my troubleshooting - I don't know, may a wire got loose in it somehow although it seems like a simple device.

Question - does the entire unit (EQ and pickup/endpin jack) need to be replaced or just the endpin jack? I'm mechanically/electrically inclined, but it seems the only fix is to replace everything as far as I can see. Which stinks, when it is just a simple jack that is not working. I've never soldered before - but maybe just the jack needs to be replaced with some soldering?