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Thread: combining the LB6 with the ibeam

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    combining the LB6 with the ibeam

    I have a guitar with an M1 active as well as an ibeam in it and by combining the two I eally love the sound...I just had a new guitar made for me and I want to know how to combine the LB6 with the ibeam pickup...anybody know the best way to do this...can I tie one into the other or keep them seperate?

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    Hi Daryl,

    The LB6-series pickups have an internal phase inversion between two of its string sensors and the other four. I means that it doesn't play well with most other pickups because either two or four of the sensor signals will be out of phase with another pickup.

    The phenomenon will be less noticeable if the LB6-series pickup is mixed with a magnetic pickup and even less evident if the two pickups are mixed at an uneven ratio.

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