I've got an M1 installed in my Gibson SJ200 and have a Para DI. I've used the M1/Para DI combo for several gigs and have been pleased, but I want to make sure that I optimize the sound for tonight's gig. I know these are basic questions, and I'm sure they've been answered before, so apologies in advance.

What's the recommended gain setting on the Para DI for the M1? The manual that came with the DI lists recommended settings for other pickups but not the M1. I realize that the recommended gain setting is merely a recommendation and will need to be adjusted.

My set up is fairly simple: M1, Para DI and Boss TU2, run into a Fishman SA220. What's the preferred order of Para DI and Boss TU2 in the chain?

Other advice for achieving the best sound?

Thank you in advance.