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Thread: Element upgrade to Anthem?

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    Thanks Bryan, you're providing the information I was asking for! (Which is not often the case in music shops....) I now understand that I need to exchange the Element pickup if I want to change to either of iMix or Anthem, I just have to decide which one I'll go for....

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    Breedlove and StagePro Anthem

    I just bought a Breedlove C25/SR guitar, with the StagePro Elemnent installed, and I am planning to upgrade it to the StagePro Anthem.

    I would like to hear from you about the compatibility between the guitar and the new system.

    Any possible problems to face, like the bridge truss inside the breedlove being on the way of the Tru-Mic installation, or anything else?

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    The JLD Bridge Doctor truss interfered with the placement of the LR Baggs iBeam pickup which is why Breedlove offered the Dual Source system with the Element pickup. The iBeam needed to be placed at a specific point relative to the saddle for best results.

    The Tru-Mic portion of the Anthem system is more forgiving than that and can be placed behind the string pins if necessary or even directly on the soundboard if necessary. Just know that you will have a slightly crisper, more snappy attack response if the Tru-Mic can be closer to the saddle.

    We have not yet heard of anybody having an issue installing an Anthem into a Breedlove guitar.

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