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Thread: Help me choos: Anthem or Lyric

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    Help me choos: Anthem or Lyric

    Hi Guys.

    I am brazilian and want congratulate you for the amazing job with your pickups.
    First off all, sorry for my English
    Help me choose the best product to me.
    I want to play gigs in small restaurants, cafes, bars, partyes, etc (for just around 30 ~ 50 people). I'll buy one amplifier (probably a Fishman Loudbox or a Roland AC 60/90), in some cases i'll play through a small/portable PA's systems.
    I have a Yamaha F370 guitar ( it's a low cost Dred guitar but i really like the sound (like the most of the guitar players, i'm dreaming with a Martin ) )
    My style of playing is fingerstyle and strumming.
    I studied and listened a lot (in youtube) about Anthem SL and the Lyric.
    I prefer the Lyric over the Anthem SL for the given reasons:
    - Ease of install (later i will get a better guitar i want to keep the L.R. Baggs system)
    - More fidelity of the acoustic sound.
    - $100 cheaper

    If a choose the Lyric:
    1) Considering the use i described, will i have problems with feedback or difficulties to properly equalization?
    2) I will miss the control of relative volume of the piezo/mic
    3) I will regret not having the versatility of the Anthem SL?

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    I'm kinda new here too, but I've been installing LR Baggs pickups for about 15 years now. The Tru-mic stuff is the best they've ever done in my opinion. I personally have a Lyric in my small bodied all-mahogony 00 size guitar on which I play mostly fingerstyle. It sounds really, really great...just like my guitar, but what i kind of miss is the attack I get from undersaddle pickups. It just takes some getting used to. I've installed several of the Anthem SL and I think they are fabulous...I actually prefer it to the regular Anthem. Most notably on stage they've got a nice boost in the low end...and especially in a boomy Dreadnought they sound great. I'm not sure about Brazil, but here in the States they Lyric and Anthem SL are the same price.

    You are correct that the installation is easier with the Lyric. I don't think you could go wrong with either one!

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