I bought a Lyric microphone system about 3 months ago and had absolutely terrible issues with it randomly cutting out. After some work with the support team we determined that is was a faulty system and I was sent a brand new one. I had the new one installed into my Martin D-28 this last week and I'm still having issues with it. When it is initially plugged in it sounds absolutely wonderful. The problem is that when it sits for too long a quiet, high pitched squeal will start to occur and it will increase in volume exponentially until it makes your ears bleed. At first I thought it was because I was standing directly in front of a monitor which was playing 7 guitars through it. However, later in the week I was at a smaller venue where it was just me, a piano, and two vocalists. It preformed flawlessly through practice but just to be safe I turned the guitar off at the board after practice. When I turned my guitar back on for the performance it immediately squealed and I ended up having to use a mic in front of it for the rest of the set. I absolutely love the way that the Lyric sounds but I need it to have my complete trust and confidence that it won't be so finicky.

Thank you for your help