Good day,

Iíve read bunch of reviews out there and watch the videos about it. But I have two crucial question that I beg anyone for the answer.

Well, my guitar (itís an Epiphone EJ160E John Lennon Series) has a brass plate that covering underneath the bridge plate because of some reason (itís only installed on the EJ160E type due to the hum issue, I donít found it on the another guitar) so the L.R. Baggs Lyric will be attached on that brass plate, not directly on the wood of my top, can you visualize what I mean?

So, the first question is, DOES IT AFFECT THE SOUND OF THE LYRIC MIC SYSTEM? Because there is a BRASS PLATE, not directly to the wood.

Second, my guitar is use a nickel string (electric string) have any one experienced it with the Lyric mic? How was it?

Please, I beg an answer as soon as possible, it is my last consideration to buy the Lyric. Thank you very much.