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Thread: Lyric and strong efx

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    Lyric and strong efx

    Hi guys,
    just a question about the Lyric used with long delays or reverbs:
    do you know if it resists to feedback?
    I'm actually using a yamaha silent with her piezo and I've no problems with the strong use of efx, but the sound is a bit sad.
    My dream is finally use live my Bourgeois without sacrificing the ability to create some... cosmic soundscapes :-)
    (Obviously I want use in ears monitor, but... in big stage, with general high volume? and how much it hooks the sounds of any others musicians?)

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    Hey Matteo,
    I've actually been asked this same question a few times recently, so I ended up doing a couple of tests to try the Lyric with some effects. I tried the Lyric in a Gibson J-45 Standard, and played into my pedal board through a couple of different amps and a full PA system. The PA system definitely sounded the best, especially when running my effects into a Venue DI before the mixer.

    The reverb and delay (both by TC Electronic) actually sounded a lot better than I had expected. However, the more effects I stacked into the signal, the more feedback prone the Lyric became; Then again, I was playing right in front of the PA speakers at a medium volume. In ear monitors could potentially reduce that problem significantly. Volume swells with the reverb and long-tail delay sounded nice, but they did swell into feedback when I wasn't careful. The Venue DI helped a lot to dial in a really solid tone that made the Lyric much more "effect friendly". I tried several other types of effects too (tremolo, octave, overdrive, etc.), but for my tastes, the reverb and the delay worked the best. I may try that configuration out for my own music

    So you definitely can use the Lyric to make some more "cosmic" sounds, but you may potentially need to use something like the Venue DI in order to control any extra feedback.

    It wasn't really a "real world" test, but I hope the information helps. I'd love to hear if any other Lyric users have played around with some more effects, and what their experience was.

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    Hi Caleb,
    first of all thank you so much for your reply.
    So you've convinced me: I'll buy the lyric and I'll make a deep test about his reaction on small and big stages, on solo guitar and in a band, with soft and strong efx.
    I'll post my results as soon as possible.
    Thank you again,

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