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    Mystery Baggs preamp

    In a trade of some effects, switches and AB boxes I received something I've never seen and can find NO info about - a L.R. Baggs PreEQ.

    It's in the original box with the Nipomo address. A CE sticker on the box and no other ID except for a numbered sticker on the circuit board - 59691- and the info to follow.

    It's the same brown color as my ParaAcoustic DI (never leave home without it - it's saved my bacon on more than one occasion) but just has a few controls/jacks:

    Input/on (1/4")
    Output (1/4")
    Gain slider
    Treble, mid and bass sliders

    Also says Pre-Amp Equalizer above the controls

    It appears to have had a battery at one time - and leakage that damaged interior paint. There are rubber pads that appear to be battery mounts.

    There's a metal belt hook slipped onto one side that looks like it was originally attached to 2 otherwise useless scres on the back (the back also has a thin rubber pad.

    Then it gets REAL weird - there are two 1/8" jacks unevenly mounted at the end where the battery apparently was. Both are connected to the board at different places.

    Without a manual or schematic I don't want to plug in my One Spot and two adapters, plug it in and cook it. I'm not an expert at tracing solid-state circuits, but CAN read a schematic.

    If anyone has a manual and/or schematic for this little gem (well, actually it's about 3/4 the size of my ParaAcoustic DI) I'd really appreciate it. I've searched the web, looked at all the Baggs discontinued items and come up empty - so I can't even test it!


    loosened the circuit board screws and found more data - on the 1/4" end "Copyright LR Baggs 1991" and on the "power end each 1/8" jack is connected tip-positive to 4 respective "+" and "-" marked eyelets on the PCB. From there both seem to go to separate diodes and from there I have trouble tracing it. Hope that help with ID, manual or questions!
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