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Thread: help! my Lyric sounds pretty bad

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    help! my Lyric sounds pretty bad


    I just got a Lyric and a Venue DI.

    Actually i can't get a decent sound from my Lyric.

    I had it installed by a pro luthier on a Larrivee P09, a parlor guitar, pretty small beatiful instrument.
    I'm even thinking that the combination Parlor Guitar / Lyric is no good. Is that possible?

    The mic sounds quite the opposite as what it says it should. Very weak bass, cavernous and harsh mids and too brite highs.
    There's also something about the compression the mic has that doesn't feel good. Feedback is hard to manage. But primarly the sound is my main concern.

    I tried it direct to my mixing console and trough the Venue. Same results.

    Even tweeking hard with the Venue EQ didn't get it better.
    To compare i plugged an Epiphone EL-00 with a Fishman Rare Earth Blend that sounded just great right away through the Venue with almost flat EQ.

    I've seen many reviews and tests. Some of them sounding pretty good, and some sounding pretty bad.
    So far i'm on the bad side unfortunately.

    I do believe in Baggs's hi quality reputation. I also have a Five.0 on my tenor Ukulele since two years ago, wich i really love.

    I hope the Lyric will end sounding good. I live in Argentina and there's no chance to send it back to Guitar Center.

    Is there any chance that the mic is defective?
    Changing the position of the mic inside the guitar could change the sound drastically for better?

    I'd really appreciate to get your comments about this and get some... help!


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