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Thread: help! my Lyric sounds pretty bad

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    Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for your interest and support. Sent you a private message

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    Thank you for the PM.

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    I strongly suggest you L.R.Baggs to check the Lyric Pre EQ preset for your next editions. You could improve seriously there to get a really good balanced and natural sounding system.
    Roll off the 1 K frecuency (at least -12 db). Add some bass on 100/150 HZ. You'd be so muh better then.

    Question: Can i (or a luthier) modify the Lyric Pre EQ preset?????????? How??????

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    Hi Mono,

    I'm unable to say how to alter or modify the preamp circuit in order to change the response. We designed the system to respond accurately to a wide variety of guitars and, due to factors specific to each guitar, cannot be guaranteed to reproduce each guitar precisely. That's why it would be necessary to make those EQ adjustment with your amplifier/PA channel or if you have an interfacing preamp/EQ device.

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    My Lyric is lacking bass response as well on Taylor

    I replaced the expression system in my Taylor 714 with a Lyric and was very dissapointed. It sound about identical to the A/B/C analysis mono provided. I have an iMix in one of my other Taylors and it sounds very good! I just thought I'd try the Lyric since it had some good reviews. I've since pulled the Lyric and gone back to the Taylor ES for now. I love the low end from Taylor's ES but, the mids sound like a kazoo!

    With that being said, I'm trying to decide if I purchase another iMix or an Anthem. I'm looking for a very solid response on the low end and feel the element may be a factor. Which pick would you recommend for good low end when comparing the iMix and Anthem? I've decided to cut my losses on the Lyric and it's sitting like new back in the box until I find a home for it.

    I was also a little confused about your statment concerning the two presence controls? My Lyric only has one presence control on the volume knob. Can you please clarify?

    Any information you may be able to provide would be very helpful!

    Thank you!

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