I have a Composite Acoustics Cargo guitar with a Fishman Matrix VT. I also have a Martin D-28CW which is an absolute monster, into which I had an Anthem installed. I'm making this post because my Martin with the Anthem generates a MUCH quieter signal into my pre than the Cargo with the Fishman.

When I run the Fishman into my pre (a Venue DI), I set the pre's gain to about 3.5 to just avoid clipping (per the Venue DI's lights) with the Fishman's volume pegged. But when I swap out the guitar and use the D-28 and the Anthem (with volume pegged and a fresh battery, battery check shows five lights), I have to turn the Venue DI's gain all the way up.

Now when I do it, the Anthem sounds awesome. Even with the Anthem set to max mic mode I get excellent feedback rejection onstage. But I'm surprised the signal from the Fishman is so much hotter than the signal from the Anthem.

The biggest issue is that I have to reach down and turn that gain knob when I switch guitars, I can't just whack the A/B and go. Of course I could turn down the Fishman's volume but it seems odd to throw away good signal and replace it with more pre; I'd rather get the Anthem UP than turn the Fishman DOWN, if only because I've been taught to send all the signal down a wire I can to increase S/N.

I have done the obvious. Good batteries in both. Same cable in both instances, no A/B box. I've tried both Phase positions, and different mixes of mic/element, and all along the volume's travel. And as I said, the Anthem sounds great (I've had compliments on it). But is it intended to be so much quieter than the Fishman Matrix VT?

Thanks for any feedback!!