I apologise in advance if this newby question covers old ground, but I have recently bought a nice LR Baggs combo for my acoustic mandolin.

It is an LR Baggs Radius pick-up and Gigpro pre-amp.

I test-ran them at a music store yesterday, and was struck by how the sound I managed to generate was nowhere near 'natural'. At the 'front' of every note was a percussive 'thud', almost like a bass drum, that ruined the natural acoustic sound I was looking for.

As I know nothing about amplifier settings or pre-amp settings, all I could do was experiment with different picks and different pick techniques. A thinner pick seemed to reduce the volume of this 'thud', but not enough to eliminate it.

Since I am such a newcomer to amplification/pick-ups I am fully aware that I bring a minefield of ignorance to the table, but if anyone could point me in the right direction towards a set-up that would give me a neat, crisp, clean acoustic sound to my amplification using the above equipment, whether by pointing me towards optimum placement of the Radius or optimum settings of the Gigpro or improved settings for the amplifier or altered techniques/choices of pick - or, indeed, a combination of all of the above, I would be very grateful.


ron mcmillan