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Thread: Para Acoustic DI and Taylor Expression System

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    Para Acoustic DI and Taylor Expression System

    My current acoustic axe is a Taylor 214ce with their skimped down version of their Expression System pickup system. I believe they're undersaddle. I've had the LRB Para acoustic DI pre amp which has helped shape tone quite a bit (though I admit I haven't fussed with it too much and will need to really sit down to dial in a better tone). Though the DI has helped a bit with the tone, I'm still not totatlly happy. I have several friends who consistently tell me to ditch the Expression system that came stock in the Taylor for an upgraded system. My question is 2 parts: First which would you recommend out of the LRB pickup selection to replace and/or use in conjunction with the existing pickup, and secondly is this even the correct route that should be taken or could my existing set up still offer me more just with some more tweaking of the Para Acoustic DI and the Taylor pickup? Thanks in advance.

    edit: My main gripe is the "tin" like tone that still persists even with tweaking of the Para Acoustic DI. It's likely it's my lack of knowledge with the DI that I could solve my existing problem with my current set up, but I would still welcome advice whether or not an upgrade to the actual pickup system would solve it.
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