Dear all,

I have been looking everywhere for an LBC (+lr baggs deluxe acoustic eq preferably) saddle pickup which is the nylon guitar version of an LB6.
I have one of these on an old early 90ies La Patrie. I'm a touring musician but unfortunately the guitar is far too worn out to be taken on tour. I've had to buy the same model, which sounds fairly similar, but it does not come with a pickup. I have tried the Godin electronics that come with the new versions but they sound nothing like it.
I have stripped my old guitar of its system for now and put it on the new one, but would eventually like to have them both fitted with the same system to be able to use the old one as a spare for instance.

Any clue as to where I could find one of these?

Any idea of which models were equipped with the same system back in the early 90ies? that would be another option...