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Thread: EAS balance problems

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    EAS balance problems

    Last night I changed strings on my guitar which is fitted with an EAS system. Since then I have had uneven string balance and nothing I do gives an even balance. The saddle slot is absolutely flat; there is nothing between the saddle and and the pickup. When I detune and retune the strings the string balance changes.

    I have a gig tomorrow night. Someone please help.



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    Hey Bobby,
    My first thought is that the saddle might not be seating all the way into the slot under string tension.

    Once you string the guitar up to pitch, just try pressing down on the bass side and then the treble side of the saddle. If the saddle rocks back or forth at all, then you'll know that it is not seating properly. It may even drop into place if you press on it in the right spot.

    I'll look into this a little more before tomorrow, but hopefully this will give you something to try in the mean time.

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