I have a guitar fitted with an Anthem - best pickup system I have ever played, great job guys!

I also have a Yamaha AG Stomp floor based pedal capable of supplying 9V DC to an active pickup system on an acoustic guitar, via the ring of a TRS jack subject to the following conditions, all of which I understand the Anthem fulfils.

• The guitar should have a mono output
• The guitar uses a 9V battery to supply power to the guitar’s built-in pre-amp
• The power to the guitar’s built-in pre-amplifier is switched ON/OFF by connecting/disconnecting the cable at the guitar’s jack.

This would involve installing a dummy battery on the guitar (or alternatively shorting the +ve and -ve wires of the battery pack) to avoid creating 18 volts....!

I can't imagine why it wouldn't work with the Anthem - but I would be most grateful if an expert here would please confirm.

Kind regards