Hi, wonder if you have seen the problem below before:
I have a Lyric newly installed in a Santa Cruz OMPW. Direct into a Loudbox 100 it sounds great, with very little EQ needed. But through my Para DI, whether into the Loudbox or a few PAs I've tried, I have the following problems:

If I use the XLR out, the signal is HOT. I need to turn the gain almost all the way down. If I use the 1/4 inch out, the signal is low and I need to turn the gain almost all the way up, as well as the volume, to be heard at all. And in either case, the sound is nowhere near as good as direct into the Loudbox. It is much less warm though the Para DI, requiring big cuts to the mids and treble. It also seems much too "present" in that you hear every little bit of finger squeaking on strings, and the pick attack on the strings is too amplified. Cutting mid, treble and presence on the Para DI helps but it still won't be as nice a sound as into the Loudbox directly.

Is it possible the Lyric and Para DI don't play well together? Or perhaps my Para DI has developed a problem. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!