Guys, I was hoping I could get some advice to improve the sound I'm getting off my M1 Active pickup that I recently purchased and had fitted professionally. I play a relatively inexpensive but beautiful sounding Blueridge BR-163 acoustic. I went for this model as it had an acoustic sound equal to many guitars that were much more expensive. The woods are really light and body is very resonant, so I was hoping that the M1-A would be a great addition to it, and help me amplify the acoustic sound accurately.

However I've found that the tone I'm getting off the pick-up is very nasal, with a huge amount of noise coming from the body of the guitar. This happens whether I'm going through a guitar amplifier or directly through a P.A. It even picks up the sound of my thumb moving on the back of the guitar neck. As I play alot of Irish music with quiet single line runs this has become quite a problem. It's not about my technique, as I've had a number of people try it out (with the same issue) and I'm a fairly delicate player. The only way I can get around this in a live set up is to get the engineer to literally pull the treble, mids and often bass right down - so much so in fact that I'm losing all of the guitars character. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Just so you know, the pick-up is firmly attached, and placed towards the neck in the soundhole as it is for most other players who use this pick-up. I had thought of getting the Venue DI, but then the electronics of my guitar would cost more than the guitar itself.

I'ld really appreciate any advice / help / or hints. I feel that the problem isn't with the pick-up or guitar as I've heard both independently in other situations and they sound fantastic. I think I just need some advice on how to get the best from the marriage of both. Thanking you guys in advance,