I currently have an OM style Martin guitar that I really love the acoustic tone of. I have pretty much overlooked most UST's because I don't want to change the acoustic tone of my guitar. I was considering the Ibeam for ease of installation, but I've read some things online about bad feedback and the tone being "inferior" to that of the Anthem and Anthem SL.

I'm almost 90% sure that I would be happy with the Ibeam, but some of what I've read just intimidates me a little. I don't mind spending the extra money on the Anthem SL, but I will be playing my Martin acoustic probably 95% of the time. I really just want a means to be able to play my Martin live if I choose to. My Seagull S6 with M1A and Para DI will get the bulk of the gigs.

So, if anyone can help, will the Ibeam be a decent sounding pickup that will work with low volume church playing? I'll be plugging into a PA through a Para DI and we never get loud in volume.