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Thread: Anthem into other onboard preamp w/Eq?

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    Anthem into other onboard preamp w/Eq?

    Hello LR Baggs!

    OK, I bought the Anthem full version due to forum reply (thanks!) that Baggs has no plans for release of smaller Anthem Stagepro onboard version for a nicer fit into small bodied guitars.

    Now, I want to use Anthem's output signal put to lower level into input of the existing other maker onboard barn-door preamp as it additionaly has tuner, parametric Eq and digital feedback rejection circuitry nobs and faster hand reach on top of the guitar's bass side.

    I wonder can I do that without any damage to Anthem and will the battery of Anthem exhaust the second in row onboard preamp when idle or when not playing the guitar?

    Thank you!
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    Hi Zaggor,

    LR Baggs designed the Anthem systems to stand alone. As such, they are not meant to be incorporated into any other pickup system. LR Baggs will not be able to advise or assist in any modification to the products for any reason.

    Did some information make certain the Stagepro Anthem will not fit your instrument? If so, what was it?

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    Well, I haven't seen Stagepro in person, but the info from the Baggs site for Stagepro size is 3.5”x2.8”x2.2”. I already have 2,73"x1,75" barn-door upper bout cutout and total effective space of 3,34"x3,34". This seems too narrow for cutting additional 0,7"x1" (especially 1" in a width direction inbetween the top and back) and will influence guitar's construction stability. If the cutout has been done on lower bout everything would be fine.

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