My Para DI isn't working with battery when plugged into a sound board. This happened at a gig last week and again with my own PA. I've replaced the batteries - flipped them etc - but doesn't power up except with phantom power.

Now, to deepen the mystery: it did power up when plugged into the XLR port on a Fender Acoustisonic amp, but not when plugged into the XLR port of my Ibenez Troubadour.

The pick-up works ok through a passive DI and when plugged directly into an amp, but it's quiet. It needs the gain and tone control of the Para DI.

I'm using an EMG ACB-5 magnetic banjo pickup. I've only had the pickup for a short time, and last week was the first time I paired it with the Baggs. I've had the DI for years and it was working fine until now.

Any suggestions?