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Thread: New forum member requests you insights ... LB6

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    New forum member requests you insights ... LB6

    I just discovered this forum, so hello LRB forum folks. Hope you don't mind a question from someone who (at least currently) doesn't own any LRB gear … but I’m considering making a switch.

    Like many of you, I’ve tried practically every combination of pickup/preamps, etc. that I could afford. Maybe, I'm old school, but my ears and hands tell me that overall the most satisfying pickup system I've owned is in an old Takamine I played for years. Nope, it wasn't perfect and it doesn't sound like “my guitar, only louder.” However, with a little eq work, I thought is was very musical and very responsive to my playing style.

    My pattern is this: after living with a particular rig for a while, I always find myself a bit dissatisfied and searching for the sound of the old Tak but with some warmth added. The closest I've heard is Tommy Emmanuel’s Maton … for me, pretty much the holy grail of live acoustic sound. I suppose that's because I'm a fairly traditional fingerpicker for the most part.

    So why don't I just get a Maton or at least a Tak? Maton: can’t afford. Tak: acoustically they are average, at least the models in my price range. Anyway, I really love my Larrivee OM..

    So now I'm wondering if the venerable LB-6 would be headed in the right direction. I know it's been around for a long time, but I've actually never heard one live except James Taylor in concert and that's not quite a fair comparison considering the sound gear I use. (If I can't afford a Maton, I certainly can't afford a Pendulum pre.) Plus, I can't find any YouTube videos in which you can clearly hear an LB-6 … except JT.

    Concerns: I understand that a couple of the piezos in the LB-6 are internally out of phase so it doesn't play well with other pickups such as SBT's. Would that also be true of internal mics that might warm up a system? Anyone have experience combining the LB-6 with something else ... but then again, maybe I would need to?

    Sorry to be long-winded, but thanks for any insights from those who have had experienced with the LB-6.
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