I've had the Lyric for quite a few months now. Originally I had it fitted in a Stonebridge OM22CM. I had it sounding great, but was a little difficult for the live stuff I was doing at the time with a full band, so I reverted back to an M1A in that guitar.

I've since installed it into a Gitane D250M for gypsy jazz. Again, it was sounding great! Just a little boost in the bass and it was sounding very natural and very responsive. For some reason, today, it now sounds absolutely terrible. It's lost all it's naturalness, and now sounds extremely boxy, even distorting when played anything like loudly. It's like something's broken. I've checked all the obvious things, tried different leads, a new battery, checked input levels, checked the pickup is still attached properly etc. It's quite frustrating, as I'm in the middle of some recording at the moment, and it was sounding so good just yesterday! Could the Lyric have developed a fault?