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Thread: Lb 6 string balance problem

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    Lb 6 string balance problem

    Hi folks,

    I have an LB6 fitted in a Martin OM 21. My problem is that the 6th string is louder than all the others!
    As this pickup is a ready made saddle incorporating the pickup, I don't see what I can do to either bring down the volume of the 6th string, or bring up the volume of the other 5 strings. The bottom of the slot is flat.

    Any ideas would be very welcome.


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    It would be good to check for a burr or nick in the bottom edge of the brass chassis. One could cause a high spot under the one string that could increase response to that string and lessen the others by contrast.

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    I've got a problem with my old Godin acousticaster which uses an LB6 pickup.
    I didn't play it for a while and now, the G and high E trings have really low output compared to others.
    the saddle slot is clean. is there a way to save it ?

    EDIT // I just removed it to verify again, when slightly knocking it with a nail or mediator for exemple it doesn't make any sound on G and E string.

    Best regards.

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