Hi this is my first post here.... I figured it was best to go straight to the source since my pickup and preamp are both LR Baggs products.

I am getting a white noise type hiss from the M1 and venue combo, but it's kind of odd. When my acoustic channel is unmuted on the board and I talk into my mic there is an audible hiss after I stop talking but only for a second or so, then it immediately cuts off like its being gated. It is also audible when I play a short strum on the guitar, with same gated type cut off. If my acoustic channel is muted then the hiss is not present at all.

I have to have the gain all the way up on the Venue for the board to get usable signal, which I found strange because I didn't used to have the gain up that high on my PADI.

When I run the M1 straight to a DI box an use only the board gain it is not there.... or at least not noticeable.

Any thoughts or ideas?? Is this just an issue of the passive signal being to weak and the Venue having to be turned up to much?

I would appreciate any help I can get.

PS Would I get better results from an M80 since it is active and I could feed the Venue a hotter signal to begin with?