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Thread: Venue with Active Pickup Question

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    Venue with Active Pickup Question

    My wife and I both own Ko'olau tenor ukuleles that have LR Baggs active pickups with onboard EQ. We love the sound but are curious about the Venue. Other than providing a tuner, which we don't need, is this gadget of any value to us or our sound?

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    Hi Craig,

    Sure it can be useful, even if you're not using it specifically for its preamp section or tuner. There is still the 5-band EQ with tunable mid-range frequency bands, the FX Loop, foot-switchable boost and the two outputs you can use at the same time with the ability to address a ground loop hum if encountered.

    Even though the ukuleles have active pickups already, it doesn't actually prevent you from using any of the available gain in an external preamp like the Venue DI. You can still apply a reasonable gain boost to the already preamped signal. If you can put some more gain on the signal before without overdriving it, it will mean a stronger signal from that point forward and a higher signal-to-noise ratio.

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