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Thread: Installation Instructions for StagePro Anthem

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    Installation Instructions for StagePro Anthem

    Does anyone know where I can find installation instructions that include a template for the pre-amp on the StagePro Anthem system? I've searched the Baggs site and the web in general and can not find this info. Thanks.

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    Thanks Bryan,
    I got your email with the template. That will help me a great deal.

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    Hello. If you not against, I write the letter on your e-mail? I too need Stagepro installation guide.
    I from Russia. Here it is almost impossible to find information on this device... Therefore to me your help is very important! I am very glad that found this forum, it very well and it is useful.
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    Unfortunately, we do not have any dedicated installation instructions for the Stage Pro Anthem. The regular Anthem instructions show the installation of the pickup, mic, and output jack, the only thing left is the preamp. We do have a cutout template for the Stage Pro preamp. If you email me at [email protected], I would be happy to send you the template.

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